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Bharatendu Andha Ashram is a fully registered and residential organization for the blind dedicated and devoted to a cause ‘Bring Education, Employment, Self Belief and Dignity in the lives of Visually Challenged People whome we as a society describe as blind people.
The Main aim of our organization is honest evaluation of the present condition of the visually impaired in and outside India in the parameter of education, employment, work orientation, social benefits and cultural acceptence. This evaluation has become the foundation of work that our organization has decided to carry out as a contribution to the world of the blind.
After a serious evaluation of present situation, we have come to a conclusion that there is serious need for a compleat change of resolution in all walks of their lives. Our organization is dedicated to this very cause and aspires to turn around the situation of visually impaired from that of sympathy to status of dignity.
We strongly belive that ‘Self belive is the first step to change’, and we are decicated towards inclution self belief and will power amongst the member of the disable community in India.
We are dedicated to the initiation of variety of programs focused towards nourishing/ improving the skills and abilities among disabled on one hand the other hand we are devoted to promote their talent to the society through various schemes.
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