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In today’s scenario computer and technology have a very significant impact on everyone’s day to day life and has created a vast opportunity for employment for every single person irrespective of the disabilities one may possess. For a blind person computer training has proved to be the boon of their life. In current situation a physically handicapped person no longer aspires to lead a life based on sympathetic donations eigher in cash or kind. He wants to join the main stream of the society and aspires to raise above his/her disability and create a respectful living out of it. They Can do the walking on their own; they just need an assured guidence from us in every way possible.
    In the commercial and social structure there is a wide scope of employment opportunities available for both the Partial and Complete Blind people in both government and private sectors. Computer centers that provide training to these visually impaired people use special softwear called ‘Jaws’. Such centers are very few in number of seekers who reside in rural areas.
  The Computer training center estabilished by us will not only help to meet the challenges of employment but will also provide a wide scope to save both time and money and be technically skilled. This Projects will create a vast opportunity to all the literate blind girls who have married and settled as per their convenience, learn computer and increase their technical literacy.
Long Term Impact
Availability of computer centers providing almost free training and practicing facilities will surely solve their problems to a greater extent. Gradual increase in the number of centers in their nereby localities will enable us to prepare a large number of educated blind to be computer literate and help them seeking employment thus making their life comfortable and happy.

Our aim is to establish 15 such Computer Training Centers in the Following District of West Bengal: 24 PGS, Hoogly, Nadia, Birbhum, Purulia, Bankura, Medinipur, Murshidabad and Bardhaman.
The Estimate Cost of Establishing One Computer Training Center is Rs. 7,80, 000/- (Saven Lakh Eighty Thousand Only)
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